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SOSBSA Publications 

Please feel free to download and print any of the following SOSBSA publications in PDF format.  To order any of the following, or for further information about them, contact SOSBSA: Email: secretary@sosbsa.org.au
Bi-monthly Newsletters can be accessed online from the Newletters page.

The SOSBSA Management Committee have developed a full set of new resources. All our information is now available as 'Fact Sheets'. These Fact Sheets are designed to be printed and given to anyone that needs them. Please feel free to print as many as you need. If you think that you could use information on anything that isn't included here, please let us know and we will look into putting something together for everyone to use. You can contact us through our  Contact Us  page or by emailing us at secretary@sosbsa.org.au.

This factsheet introduces SOSBSA as an organistation.
This factsheet provides information on suicide and mental illness to help you find some understanding about your loved ones death.

This factsheet explains why you need to take care of yourself and provides some information that might help you do that.

This factsheet provides useful information for employers and supervisors. This can be given to any employer, and you may wish to give it to yours to help them understand how best to provide you with the support you need in the workplace.

This factsheet includes useful tips and ideas on how to support children after loosing a loved one to suicide.

This factsheet provides information that will help you understand your grief and what to expect.
The factsheet includes useful information on how to communicate with someone when they have lost a loved one to suicide. It is designed to be shared around with your friends and family, and also help you to understand how to communicate with others who are also loved ones of your loved one who has died by suicide.

This factsheet provides information about support groups and how they will provide you with support.

This factsheet will help you choose a funeral director and understand how they support you through the process of preparing a funeral.
This factsheet is for those that will be responsible for winding up the affairs of their loved one that has died. It includes a template letter and a list of services that need to be contacted.
This factsheet provides you with some ideas of things that you might like to do to remember your loved one.
This factsheet might be useful to understand the events of the day that your loved one died. If you have contacted us at the point your loved one died, this factsheet will help you find your way through that day. If you have found us after that day is over and gone, this factsheet will help you understand some of the things that might have happened that day.





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