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Projects for Special Memories

1. Photo logs. Ask family and friends to supply copies of their photos as well.

2. Scrap booking. Ask family and friends to contribute a favourite photo and special memory about the person lost.

3. Make a quilt from his/her clothing/scarves/ties.

4. Make pillowcases from their tee shirts or a teddy, minipillow or “bunny rug” for children to hug. Make a “hold all” bag out of the tougher materials eg jeans, work clothing.

5. Write the story of your loved one’s life.

6. Create a memorial web page – include helpline numbers for those who visit who may be in need.

7. Grow a special tree or plant a special garden. If they loved a particular plant/flower/vegetable you could collect as many of the different varieties as you have space for. Tell your friends to keep a watch for rare varieties – they will be grateful for having something practical to do.

8. Start a charm bracelet collecting something they loved eg horses/boats/birds.

9. Make a book of his/her poems/drawings/writings.

10. Paint a picture using his/her favourite colours. You don’t have to be an artist, draw up squares or “dot painting” shapes.

11. If she/he has young children, write a story about what their parent was like as a child especially the funny stories and adventures.

12. Make a cd of their favourite songs.

13. Buy or make the loudest, brightest hat/scarf possible and wear it when you're having a “memory flood” day.

14. Did he/she have a very “daggy” hat/shirt they loved but everyone hated? Wear it whenever you have to hang out the washing or mow the lawn – it is sure to make you smile, even for just a moment. When they become too tattered to wear, cut out a small square and place in a photo frame.

15. Build a memorial seat of rocks/bricks/timber for quiet moments in the garden.

16. If they loved birds, put in a bird bath.

17. Even something as small as saying that you will honour your loved one by always making sure to smile at and thank shop assistants and bus drivers.

18. Each week perform a random act of kindness in his/her honour.

19. Raise money for a cause which was close to his/her heart eg conservation, sports or service club.

20.  Get involved in a survivors’ support group and go on to support others.

21. Later when you feel able, support suicide prevention and community building projects in your area. Eg Do a “Mental Health First Aid” course and encourage others to do the same.


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