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We want to take create a space where you can share a memorial to your loved ones. This page is for any Poems that have been submitted.

It would be appreciated if you can ensure that we have the first name, birth and death dates for your loved ones. All submissions will be added by one of the SOSBSA site administrators, so will be checked prior to being uploaded, and this will ensure that there is no offensive material on these pages.

You can make your submission by contacting us through the Contact Us page or by emailing secretary@sosbsa.org.au.

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Christian Paul Schubert
14/05/1970 - 09/06/1991

A message from Chris almost a year after his suicide:

My love has no boundaries
It has no set place
It is a spirit as free as myself
Fire cannot burn
Cold cannot freeze
It reaches through space for you
in an endless embrace
My love shall be there for you
long after I'm gone

24 May 1992

Chris in 1989 wrote:

What is right?
What is wrong?
In a world of too much hate
and not much love
I am nobody, going nowhere

The other morning I woke up with part of this poem in my head and needed to write it down.The rest came very naturally. I feel that I was meant to write this on behalf of my son Kevin who traveled on, on 16th May 2009.
 My life is still full of him as I believe he is constantly around. I know his reason for leaving, which is very upsetting and only wish that he came and talked to me about it, but it wasn't to be.
Shelly & George

Your Photo on My Wall

Your photo fades upon my wall
The yellow marks reflect the length of time it has been there
Your face is fading but your smile still shines
Never again will there be a new photo
Never again will there be a new smile
Only memories are what I have
Now buried deep in my heart
Often I look in there to see what I can find
And every time I see your bright smile,
Your beautiful eyes looking back at me
Letting me know you are fine
I need to understand that this is what you want
I need to understand that life goes on
In the photo you hold my hand
In my heart you hold my love
We are never far apart, just a whisper away
You will wait patiently till its my time to come home
Until then, I will look at your photo upon my wall.

With all my love mum xoxo (Michaelle)
Poems by Christine Cole
Christine has written a selection of poems which tell of her feelings and the things that are important to her. Please read them as she tells so beautifully the story of grief through loosing her son to suicide and then loosing her husband. Click here to read them.
Thank you Christine - lots of love from SOSBSA xo

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