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We lost our beautifull Son and Brother, Haydn Lester, December 2011, it as now been three months and a season with no reason for us all,  without you.


19years 7 months

Parents, Margaret & Robert

Brothers, James & Nathan

Our Free Spirited Kevin
On Your Journey Through This Life
You Touched Everyone’s Heart So Deeply
Now You Are Forever In Ours
Find Peace Wherever You Are
Love You Always xoxo
16 May 2009

Shelly & George
My name is Pam Leonard.  My fiance's name was Martin Birdsong.  Born 06/27/1970 Died 05/17/2011. 
Marty and I dated about 15 years ago for a while.  We were young and went our separate ways.  We reunited in 2008 and were inseparable until the night he left to never return.  He was my best friend, my rock, my calm in the storm.  I have not had a peaceful day since May 17, 2011. 
I miss him, and I love him as much today as I did then.  I am thankful to him for giving me that one true love that some people never know.  This special man who was funny, musical, artistic, smart, and so loving and kind will hold my heart until I see him again some day. 
I love you Marty...yesterday, today, and tomorrow, forever!

Joseph Rangihuna
29.01.92 - 15.03.2010
In Loving Memory of Joseph Rangihuna. A loving son, brother and father. 
Not a day goes by that we dont think about you or your name is mentioned, old storys are brought up about you. You still bring smiles to our face's over all this sad, You are one in a million person our only brother and son and father we love and miss you so much Joe.

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