If we aren't available and you
have an emergency please call
Suicide Callback Service on
1300 659 467 (24/7)
1300 767 022 
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Getting Help

If you are having Suicidal thoughts or feelings

If you have already done serious harm to yourself, ring 000 and ask for an Ambulance.

If you are feeling very distressed or suicidal, ring any of the numbers below (Australia only):

Lifeline - 13 11 14

Mensline - 1300 789 973

Kids’ Helpline - 1800 551 800

For more 24/7 Crisis Lines Help Lines and Crisis Support

If you are having suicidal thoughts but don’t feel in immediate danger, make a long appointment with your doctor (tell them it is urgent), ring one of the above numbers or the Suicide Callback Line 1300 659 467
(10am-8.30pm, 7 days)If possible, ask a relative or friend to stay with you – never be ashamed of asking for Help.

For more information on suicide prevention please see our Links page. 

Suicidal feelings can come in waves so reach out for help to ride it through. Many people who feel suicidal don’t really want to die, they just don’t know how else to get out of the pain, hopelessness and utter despair they are feeling. The brain is being thrown into turmoil by its neurochemistry, wiring and emotions. When this happens it is hard think straight. Get help NOW!

All the problems that have brought you to this point cannot be solved immediately but, with help, you can learn how to manage them. There are options out there you may not have known about before. There is Hope!

If you are struggling to cope with Suicide Bereavement

Please feel free to contact us on 1300 767 022 or by using our Contact Us page or email secretary@sosbsa.org.au 

If one of our volunteers is not available to answer the phone please either leave a message 
or contact the Suicide Callback Service on 1300 659 467



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